Is This For Real?

When people first hear about Reliv, the first question most of them have is, “OK, is this for real?” or “Isn’t all of this talk about better health and better lifestyle too good to be true?”

That’s a fair question.

Our answer: Judge for yourself.

We invite you to take a close look at Reliv. You will find products that work, backed up by a 100 percent retail money-back guarantee. You will find a business that works, backed up by a 100 percent money-back guarantee.

If you want better health, you can find it through Reliv. If you want the freedom to make more choices in life, you will find that, too. Even if all you want is to be able to buy more groceries this month, there is a place for you at Reliv.

Contact us with your questions. We’re confident Reliv holds the answers you are looking for.


Real People. Real Success. (2:46)

Short stories of Distributors who are earning income through the Reliv business opportunity.

Income Disclosure Statement

Reliv Opportunity Presentation

Click through the slides to learn more about the Reliv business opportunity.

marketing-plan-vid-thumb marketing-plan-vid-thumb

Reliv Marketing Plan (18:18)

This video walks you through the 5 Forms of Income available to you as a Reliv distributor.

Download 1-Page Marketing Plan Download 1-Page Marketing Plan

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Income-Producing Asset (2:41)

See why creating residual income makes financial sense and offers you a range of benefits over traditional employment.

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